Sora takanashi 34512

Sora Takanashi (小鳥遊 空 Takanashi Sora) is 14 years old, second-year middle school student and the eldest of three sisters and the step-niece of Yuuta Segawa.


She is a young girl of average height and built, with shoulder length brown hair with bangs covering her forehead and brown eyes. She is always seen wearing a blue ribbon in her hair. She is often seen in her school uniform, but outside of school she dresses stylishly and feminine. In the 2nd OVA her hair has grown to be just passed her shoulders.

==Personality== Sora often is seen with an attitude when she sees Yuuta around other woman. Sora also seems to have a crush on Yuuta and considers Raika to be beautiful.


In the 2nd OVA Sora gets married to Yuuta.

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